Straight to Huanglong, let her private parts wet instantly

Zhilong Huanglong let her private parts wet instantly. I believe that everyone knows that when it comes to sex, it will produce some liquid due to physiological reasons. We call it love liquid, and love liquid can play a big role in sex.

Because our body will feel very dry before sex occurs, sometimes the male genitals can not smoothly enter the female private parts, then we must help us to sex through love liquid.

The liquid in the woman’s vaginal vagina is easy to get in and out of the penis as pressurized energy, but the friction is much lower, and it doesn’t feel pain. If there is too much water, it will feel very slippery, and the penis will not have that kind of vaginal tightening.The feeling of tight wrapping can not find a climax.

But does the excessive love liquid mean that the woman has got a sexual climax?

From the practical point of view, it can eliminate the pain caused by “hard friction” to women.

However, medically, the composition of this vaginal lubricating fluid is not well defined.

The smell in it is even more diverse.

Love liquid, mysterious liquid.

Just like the lubricating oil added between the shaft and the bushing, when the sex is handed over, the liquid naturally secreted by the woman’s vagina is commonly called “love liquid”.

There is a very poetic saying about it: “Love liquid is the holy spring in the eyes of men.”

What is certain is that a woman’s secretion of love liquid is like a male sperm, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Its secretory period will continue from puberty to old age. Among them, women in the 20-30 age stage will be prolonged due to the maturity of sexual development.

After Matas?

Jonson’s experiment proves that the secretion of love liquid is more for the purpose of facilitating the crossover. Its main purpose is to protect the sperm, ensure the survival rate of sperm, prolong the survival time and protect it on the basis of neutralizing the acidity of the vagina.Conceived.
Many men are very keen to know how to know the extent of a woman’s pleasure during sexual intercourse.

In this way, love liquid can be an indicator of happiness.

It can be seen that the role of love liquid in sexual life is still relatively large. Of course, there is still a lot of little knowledge in sex life. We should pay attention to some common sense in life and can help us very effectively.