Turn your crib into your baby’s paradise

For babies, the bed and the place to sleep twice are also a place where they play and know the new world.

For the healthy and happy growth of their babies, many parents will focus on the “bed” and strive to turn this world into a growth paradise for their babies.

Let’s take a look at the games that babies play in the paradise!

  Game 1: Playing with hanging toys Many mothers hang hanging toys in their cribs for their babies. For example, a 6-month-old Xinyi baby has a large number of hanging toys, like small bells with music.Little rabbit, little frog . Mum shakes, shakes these toys, and accidentally touches them, and some will make a pleasant sound, which makes Xin Yi curious, her face twisted, her ears supportedLook for them.

  Qi Zhi: Moving scenes can exercise your baby’s concentration, observe him to track these things, and learn to use both eyes at the same time.

The toy emits different sounds in different directions, which can cultivate the baby’s ability to accurately locate the sound, and let him learn to determine the distance of the sound while trying to distinguish different sounds.

  Tip: It is best not to hang the hanging toys on the bed continuously in the same place, and it is best to change the position and distance frequently, so as to avoid the formation of cross-eyed eyes in the baby.

  Game 2: Playing with hand-crawling toys Playing with hand-crawling toys is another common game item for little babies in bed. 7-year-old Kexin has big crawling insects, fluffy white rabbits, and cute ballet dolls, Beautiful dwarf bracelets and so on, Xiao Kexin likes to sit on the bed and play with these little friends, grab this, pull that, climb to it if you can’t reach it . even if you can’t even go to work with your motherI do n’t know!

  Qizhi: Let your baby catch and play with the toys around it, which will help your baby crawl and walk, improve your baby ‘s balance, strengthen muscle strength and action planning, and enhance your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

  Tip: It is easy for a baby to put a toy in his mouth, so be sure to pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the toy.

For the safety of the baby, be sure to let the baby play with hand-held toys under the care of an adult.

  Game three: Look at the pictures and see some brightly colored pictures, make small puzzles with small pictures and familiar things, paste these on the wall next to the bed, and put a few books on the bed to have various patterns, differentMaterial cloth books, pointing to pictures or books for babies to see pictures and objects, is also a bed game that babies like.

Fu Zhiqiu’s nanny told us that 1-year-old Qiu met a lot of small animals through this game.

In addition, the little boys’ mattresses, pillows, including small clothes, and small shoes have a lot of cute cartoon patterns. Identifying the animals or plants on them is also something that baby loves to do.

  Qizhi: Decrease, lay the foundation for the baby’s language ability; even change the baby’s tactile function, allowing him to find different differences in various drawing materials; there is a lot of knowledge that helps the baby to increaseHis memory and imagination.

  Tip: Be careful not to let your baby accidentally tear the picture or card into his mouth, to avoid lead poisoning and cause the baby to become anemia.

  Game 4: Singing Many parents have experience in this area: When your baby is crying, you can just sing to him.

Baby Hu Shunlin is not too attracted to toys, or he likes music very much, and always asks his grandmother to sing to him in bed.

Children’s songs such as “Mother is the best in the world”, “Little White Rabbit”, etc. The little guy is about to hum along while listening!

  Qi Zhi: Singing to the baby can effectively relieve the unpleasant mood of the baby, singing to the baby before bed can help him sleep well.

Nursery rhymes can improve your baby’s memory and can be very helpful for future reading.

At the same time, you can exercise your baby’s sense of rhythm, so that your baby can have a sense of rhythm at different speeds, which will be very helpful to the baby’s language and music development in the future.

  Tip: When singing to your baby, try to choose some songs that are simple and easy to remember.

This makes it easy for the baby to remember the melody and lyrics, which will allow him to learn to sing well and increase the baby’s interest.

  Game 5: Playing with balloons Grandpa said that Xiao Kexin especially likes to slap balloons on the bed and slap the balloons up. His hands are below and try not to let the balloons fall to the bed. Sometimes Ke Xin will be anxious to let the adults help.
  Qi Zhi: The baby’s reaction speed when the balloon is about to fall, pat it quickly.

This requires the baby’s ability to respond quickly and helps to train his hand-eye coordination.

Some people think that this skill can strengthen the baby’s mathematical ability.

  Tip: This game is best played on a bed with mosquito nets. Because of the restrictions of mosquito nets, balloons only fly in the area of mosquito nets. It is easy for adults to pick up balloons and pat them to play with balloons.

  Game 6: “Slide” catches the little confused grandmother and tells us that there is a “slide” under the bed of the 1-year-old little confused bed. The slide under the bed is prepared for the little confused himself, let his little person climb up and slide downThe “slide” on the bed is prepared for toys. Raise one end of the pillow to create a “slide” slope. Roll down toys that can roll, such as plastic bottles, from the top, and let the little confused to pick it up.

Little confused will find the toys on the “slide” by himself, pick and drop, pick and drop, and have fun!

  Qizhi: This game helps to train your baby’s observation and hands-on ability, and also helps to train your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

  Tip: Sleeping “slide” games can help your baby’s observation and hands-on ability, but pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of toys.

  Game 7: Take the building blocks. Chen Chen’s grandmother boasted that her baby granddaughter was smart.

The cute and lovely Chen Chen likes to play with building blocks while sitting in a comfortable bed.

Using jigsaw puzzles to arrange various geometric figures, “build” the little princess’s house, car, and building blocks in her hands, which can be ever-changing. “Sometimes we can’t think of how much she can think of at a young age!

“Grandma said.

The little guy will mumble to himself while building blocks, but it’s funny!  Qizhi: Building blocks can exercise your baby’s spatial imagination and creative thinking, and help train your baby’s coordination and hands-on ability.

  Tip: The building blocks should be cleaned and disinfected.

In addition, babies of different ages should be targeted to buy building blocks.

A baby about 1 year old can’t place the blocks accurately, so the blocks given to him must be more casual, or the components are relatively large, and it is best to insert them together.