TCM summer skincare makes pores invisible

Introduction: Summer is the season when the skin on your face is most susceptible to oil, and oil shine will inevitably cause large pores. Come and learn summer pore invisibility, this summer will definitely let you say byebye to oil shine!

The first trick: purify the skin and prevent large pores and oil, you should start with washing your face. Use makeup remover to dissolve the dirt, and then use foamy soap or cleaning products. Wash your face in a circular manner to deeply clean the pores. When washing your face, start with both handsGo down and use a circular motion to a higher level. Wash your face in circular motions to deepen your pores.

The second measure: water and oil balance and moisturization is the first basic skill of summer, which can suppress the oil and water uneven and crazy oil, the skin will be bright and even reduce pores if the moisture is sufficient.

It is a good choice to choose appropriate moisturizing products and deep moisturizing facial mask.

Use a moisturizing mask or a wet pack for a fixed period. Afterwards, use an oil-based skincare product to lock the moisture, and go out to deliver a moisturizing gel or spray to quench the thirst of the skin at any time.

The third trick: increase the makeup power Now there are many well-known maintenance brands, the introduction of pore maintenance essence, both pores to improve the pore depression and water retention effect, is an indispensable little helper.

Before makeup, add a lotion with calming moisturizing ingredients such as cucumber and chamomile. Apply it for 5 minutes to make your pores full of moisture and firm. Makeup is smoother. You should choose an oil-free product before applying makeup.For card powder, the foundation can be replaced with a thinner moisturizing cream, and it can be applied to the skin with a sponge.

Pressed powder is easier to suppress oil and has better hiding power than foundation. First, use a sponge to press the pores with a large T-shaped area, and use a thin brush on both toes to make the pores invisible.

In addition, if there is an oily condition after applying makeup for a while, first use oil-absorbing paper to remove the oil, and then choose an oil-free isolating cream to rub it on your hands first, and step on the two toes from the T-shaped area (not push or pull), and it will be intact againFill the pores and restore the base makeup to the original makeup state, and then use the sun protection factor powder to strengthen the T-shaped part to increase the firmness of the base makeup by clogging, and use a sponge to push thinly on both toes.Will be natural.