Rice supplements make you slimmer as you eat

Many dieters and weight-lossers mistakenly believe that staple food is the culprit of obesity, and they simply use reducing staple food as the main method of dieting. This method is very undesirable.

  In fact, the absorption of staple foods can bring about a feeling of satiety, which can, to a certain extent, lead to the effect of diet control.

Moreover, if the satiety of rice food can be improved, it can make people not feel obese with a reduced amount of food, and thus it is easy to obtain weight loss success.

  Try adding “stuff” to the rice to make it a more “satisfactory” weight loss staple.

  Choosing “rough” ingredients for rice, black rice, purple rice, coarse rice, etc. are good choices to delay digestion.

If they feel more prickly, you can soak them overnight, or use a pressure cooker to cook them semi-soft, then mix them with rice, or cook them directly into thick porridge. You can substitute white rice as a staple food when losing weight.

The colored substances in the outer layer of black rice and red rice are good for slowing down the digestion, so the rice water must be cooked in the rice.

  Adding beans, red beans, peas, soybeans and other beans to rice foods is not only rich in minerals and trace elements, but also rich in supplementary fiber, and it can also provide rich protein, which can significantly improve satiety.

Because the human body digests beans much faster than rice and rice porridge, using rice and beans one by one can make the satiety of rice and rice porridge significantly increase.

  Add glue to the staple food such as oat, barley and other staple foods. They are soluble dietary fiber, which can increase the viscosity of food and delay the digestion speed.

When cooking rice or porridge, you can put some oats, and you can also add seaweed, saponin rice and other gelatinous ingredients.

  Adding cellulose and plant polysaccharides in a la carte vegetables to rice can increase the volume of rice. The large amount of water in it can change the volume and delay gastric emptying.Eating high-fiber vegetables together can not only enrich the pattern, but also improve satiety.