Tinnitus and deafness can also be treated

Core tips: Tinnitus is manifested as frequent or intermittent conscious inner ear ringing with various tones, such as cicadas, or tidal waves, or thunders, which are unbearable.

  The beeping may be short-lived, intermittent, or persistent.

Tinnitus has many effects on hearing, but tinnitus caused by early or neurasthenia and systemic diseases often does not affect hearing.

Deafness manifests as hearing loss or complete loss.

Depending on the cause of the disease, there is a gradual decline in hearing, and to full hearing, there are those who have sudden deafness, those who are bilateral, and those who only have it.

Neurotic tinnitus, neurological deafness, and otitis media can be treated with scraping.

  [Scraping treatment]The holographic acupuncture area on the head is adjacent to the frontal 2 bands (vertical), 1/3 of the frontal parietal band, and 1/3 of the lower oblique band (ipsilateral side).

  Suspended skull to the hearing, wind pool.

  San Jiao passes through the affected side of the sun to the wind.

  The anterior bladder passes bilateral Shenshu to Qihaishu.

  The abdomen has a pulse of Qi from the sea to Guan Yuan.

  The upper extremity trifocal veins pass through the affected side of the external barrier, and the middle iliac crest.

  [Medicine treatment reference]1. Oryzanol, Deaf Zuo Ci Pill.

  2, 30 grams of mustard seed, mashed, wrapped into cotton balls into small balls, every night before going to bed, plug in both ears, the next morning, suitable for both ears violent, short duration.