Unintentional longevity

In terms of longevity, the world now recognizes that people in mountainous areas with relatively high altitudes live longer, such Caucasian areas, where the Yungui plateau in the south, usually long-lived people live in the mountains.

Longevity is related to the geographical environment. You see the people in the mountains, the air is good, the green food that is not polluted is eaten, and the water is also the spring. These are not enjoyed by people in the city.

  But there are also long-lived people in the city, so in addition to the geographical advantages, the long-lived old man must have something very comparable to him – broad-minded.

Those who don’t care about anything can live long life. Some old people can’t hear him, and you can praise him. This kind of person will live longer.

If you listen to everything, if you look at you and you are uncomfortable, then you can live a long life; you have this kind of character when you are young, you can not live like this, because you care too much,You are not living for yourself, but living for others.

Also, anyone who wants everyone to be satisfied with everything must not live longer, because this kind of person is called a gentleman who suffers, grievances and confession.

After some people have helped you, they have forgotten this shackle. After two years, you saw him and said to him: “If you didn’t help me, I couldn’t live now.

He said: “Ah, I helped you?”


“This kind of person also lived a long life; he always remembered how people would not come to repay it. This person also has a short life.

Everything will be unintentional and longevity. If you have a heart, you will not live long. It is your mentality that is especially important.

  In the past, cervical spondylosis was a patent for people after the age of forty, but now it is not. People in their 20s and 30s have begun to get cervical spondylosis, and even primary school students have cervical spondylosis!

The reason is very simple. After a long time at the desk, the pressure is too great and I am negligent.

Especially the office workers who have been on the long-term desk, the old waist has been sore, the back is also camel, the eyes are spent, the premature aging, not enough masculinity.

  How is cervical spondylosis?

All cervical diseases are related to yang deficiency.

There is a small intervertebral disc in the gap between the vertebrae and the vertebrae. It is like a small balloon. If you have enough yang, you can put them one by one.

When working or studying at the same position for a long time, the upper body leans forward, the cervical spine is tense and distorted, and the Du Meridian is first oppressed.

The yang of the governor’s governor, suppressing the Du Meridian is also suppressing the yang of the whole body. Therefore, over time, the yang is insufficient and the entire spine is deformed.

  How is the cervical spondylosis treated?

Western medicine for cervical spondylosis has a method called traction, which is to pull the cervical vertebra upwards.

This method has a certain effect. When exercising normally, we must pull up the cervical vertebrae.

  Western medicine relies on traction. What does Chinese medicine rely on?

Some people say that massage massage, cervical vertebrae problems can not be massaged.

I used to read books and stay up late, so cervical spondylosis was particularly serious. I used to rely on massage, but the effect was not obvious. I was injured again.

Later, I wondered if the balloon gas between the vertebrae was insufficient, the intervertebral space would be shortened, and even the bone spurs would grow. Then, if you don’t need to take medicine, you can make up the yang, and the Du Meridian will pass.Is it normal?

In this way, I used the method of taking medicine to cure my cervical spine.

  What is the stomach doing?

The stomach is specialized in blood and blood.

Don’t underestimate the spleen and stomach, I really hate losing weight, as long as it is not good to eat, the lack of blood is not enough!

Some people say how to do anemia?

The way to an anemia is to eat well!

Here, eating is eating staple food.

I usually go back to class with two bowls of rice. Why?

Because the lectures hurt the blood, how can you eat, how to eat, fat is fat.

There is a saying in China that “can eat is a blessing”, you have to be so slim and so thin, why? It’s a bit awkward and not afraid of freezing.

  Precautions for eating: First, be slow, eat too fast to hurt the body, throw all the burden to the spleen and stomach, is not responsible for their own body.

  Second, you can’t bickering when you eat, angry and hurt, so you have to be happy to eat well.  Third, eating also has a realm – full, eat comfortable, eat beautiful.

  Eating beauty will bring great enjoyment to the spirit and the body.