My husband is not confident and hurts my body and sex

My boyfriend is the school’s basketball captain. He doesn’t study well, but he looks handsome.

When I first tasted love, my mind was full of poetry, songs, and paintings, and I didn’t even think about the possible consequences.

In the eyes of romantic boys and girls, love is pure and beautiful, and condoms are disgusting. Whoever thinks about the necessary connection between them.

  But the impulse of youth was two poetry paintings. After an outing, I changed from a girl to a woman.

The boyfriend also tasted the sweetness of sex. The two of us were irrational animals, looking for every possible opportunity to get close.

Soon, I found out that I was pregnant. At the time, I was taking the final exam, and my early pregnancy reaction was very strong. I was afraid to go to the cafeteria. Without help, I quietly went to the hospital for surgery before the big exam.

  I walked into the examination room with a pale face. I was able to stand up because of my youth, but it left a severe gynecological inflammation.

Where do I dare to go to the gynecology department, I will find some anti-inflammatory drugs to eat in private, as long as there are no symptoms, I don’t care.

At this point, after knowing this, the response was very dull, and he went to play basketball again with a hum.

  After graduation, the relationship between my boyfriend and me was in crisis, and I increasingly feel that he is rude, does not respect women and does not have a career, and is not my ideal partner. However, because we have single dormitories after work, we get along aloneThere are many opportunities, so I can continue to maintain sexual contact. When I was going to break up with him, I found that I was pregnant again, and I went to the crowd again alone.

The doctor told me that because I had chronic pelvic inflammatory disease for a long time, the fallopian tube was blocked as a complication and it was likely to cause infertility in the future.

  I don’t know if the doctor was alarmist at the time to warn me. Anyway, I was very scared at the time. I felt that I had no right to choose, even if it was not for virginity.

If I can’t give birth anymore, and only my current boyfriend has the responsibility to bear the consequences with me, then I can only marry him.

  In this way, I reluctantly chose marriage.

After giving birth, the housework became more frequent, and the conflicts between husband and wife became more and more intense.

The husband’s masculine style is not reflected in his not doing housework, but also in the sexual life of husband and wife.

Because my pelvic inflammation has not been completely cured, my menstruation is not normal, and it is not suitable for the ring for the time being, so I let my husband use a condom for contraception. He was very angry and said, “It is a damn thing to be pregnant or not. It has nothing to do with me.!!

“When the child was blood glucose month, I was pregnant again. When I moved out of the operating room painfully and heartily, my husband looked at the watch impatiently outside the door and said,” Why so long, hurry up, IThere is something else.

“I got into his car silently and he took me downstairs.

Since then, I no longer have a longing for sex. No matter how my husband coaxes me, I always can’t forget the abdominal pain and heartache during the flow of people, and I have become a completely sexually indifferent patient.

  My girlfriend advised me to go to the ring, and I said, “Why not? Why should two people have sex to worry about one person?

I want to let him use the suit, don’t touch me.

“But when things come, I can’t stop him, so I get pregnant again and again,” pain “time and time again, and slowly we are no longer angry about contraception because we are almost completely asexual couples.

  Four years later, my husband had an extramarital affair. I found that he was ashamed and said, “You are so embarrassed to scold me. I have a girlfriend. It is entirely your responsibility. I am a normal man. I need a woman. You are not so bad.That wo n’t work, either today or tomorrow, I ‘m not fucking fucking impotent . ”
I was disheartened.

From the perspective of sex and contraception, I not only grind his selfishness, but also the so-called “love” falseness. I cried with tears: “If you love me, you will not only think about yourself. I have done it.Six times the flow of people, do you look at my face, like 35 years old?

I made you impotence?

You made me sick.

“We are unwilling to divorce for our career, future, and children, but we can maintain the family but we cannot repair sex.

A year later, we finally broke up.

  Two years later I met my current husband.

He is from Hunan and is an acute child.

Although he treats me very well and loves me very much, I still have serious concerns and dare not to let go of life-long affairs.

Because both men and women remarry, the relationship develops to a certain degree, there will be a first skin date.

He was very impulsive and quietly told me that he hadn’t touched women for three years: “I really want to indulge, but I am a very picky person.

“I accepted him in a confused mood.

  At the last moment he stopped suddenly, leaned in my ear and asked quietly, “Will there be any trouble?

Use contraception?

“I probably won’t, he hesitated a bit, but still controlled that he hadn’t reached the peak of sex.He rushed into the bathroom with cold water to force himself to calm down, then smiled and said, “The sweetheart is full of meaning.

“I was moved by his self-control and love for me, and soon we got married.

  I feel like a young girl who is new to human affairs. Only in her thirties, I felt the beauty of sex and knew what orgasm was.

In front of my lover, I am a totally wanton child, and willfully indulge myself.

I know my husband’s love for me, and I know he will “protect” me.

When we were newly married, we used a condom plus safe period contraception. Sometimes I forgot to prepare a condom, and my husband who was using external insemination was uncomfortable. When I was impulsive, I said, “It should be okay, whatever.

“But he was unwilling to take risks, preferring not to enjoy himself.

I joked, “Contraception is a woman’s business. Why are you so careful?

“My husband caressed me and said,” Are you my woman? I don’t want you to go to the hospital for that crime. ”

I need to take good care of my baby.

I said, “Men worry too much, will it affect their sexual experience?

“He said,” Sex is a matter of two people. Women are not good. How can men be good. ”

“I leaned peacefully into my husband’s arms, feeling so grateful, I was glad that I had found true love, so I also enjoyed the wonderful sex.

  The couple in love is willing to give to each other. My husband hurts me so much. I certainly do n’t want him to be unhappy. I always “shoot the gun”. I decided to go to the contraceptive ring.Discomfort.

Occasionally my husband returns from a business trip. If he is catching up with menstruation on me, I am willing to use some other methods to get him sexual satisfaction.

I love him and I am willing to make him happy by all means.

  That day, my husband accompanied me to see the contraceptive ring, and I said, “It’s really troublesome.

“My husband said:” Pregnancy is a manifestation of vitality. If we do not use contraception, it must be old or sick, or have become asexual couples. What’s so good?

“Yes, self-confidence is indeed a troublesome thing, but we think it is a sweet little trouble, and we enjoy it.

  If sexual impulse is a wild horse, then the contradiction is the bridle of the bridle horse. Only by learning the method of self-protection under the orientation of love can we believe that the horses share the same love.

If men only know how to run like wild horses, then it is not only women that are injured, but also men sooner or later.