Summer skin health

Women should learn to keep in good health when they are 25 years old. The health here includes both the body and the skin.

As the saying goes, spring keeps healthy, summer keeps growing, autumn keeps harvest, and winter keeps Tibetan.

After the fall, the small crickets continued, and the lackluster complexion was related to the lack of health in the summer.

How to keep skin healthy in summer?

I think many friends have such questions, and I would like to share some of my small suggestions with you.

  Summer skin embarrassment one: oily skin, how to not let the “crude” spray well?

  Skin health method: Many people know that the skin is oily because of lack of water. If your hydration work has been done enough, then you must see if it is a “pseudo-disease” in the sauna world: the skin is the largest in the human body.Defense organ, its biggest mission is to “tug out with the water in the environment”. If the internal water accumulates and the phenomenon of leaking and spraying wells is an automatic defense of the skin to lock water, in the face of this embarrassment, do not worryWhat you need to do is choose a moisturizing powder or oil control powder to keep the skin surface fresh.

  Summer skin embarrassment 2: Skin thinning: It is easy to flush in mountains, and the blood vessel filaments will be obvious when staying in the air.

  Skin health method: When working in an air-conditioned room in summer, it is easy to make the skin “cold and hot alternately”: flushing above the sweltering, and red blood in the cold air.

The most deadly of this condition is-it causes the skin’s hydration ability to decrease and gradually become sensitive.

Therefore, dear OLs, it is best not to rush into the cold air as soon as you enter the door. You can adapt to the relatively cold air walkways or ventilated places to give the skin a buffer time.

Of course, if conditions permit, applying a soothing mask to the skin every night will also reduce the skin’s allergic symptoms.

  Summer skin awkwardness 3: The skin suddenly becomes oily, and the pores can also become enlarged.

  Skin health method: In the sultry sauna season, the skin’s blood vessels and pores are in a dilated state, so the thyroid glands and oil secretion in this season are also much stronger than in other seasons.

So, change your skincare products as soon as possible. If you continue to use skincare products that are subdivided by spring oil, it is easy to block pores, grow oily particles, and blackheads.

In summer, it is recommended that you choose products with relatively low oil content, such as using lotion or gel skin care products.

At the same time, it does not affect the normal breathing of the skin, and can provide nutrition for the skin.

  ”Three Young” in summer skin health: In addition to the health methods just mentioned, I would like to remind you below that the “Three Young”, because it can affect facial skin, not just skin care products!

  Eat cold drinks less-Many women are physically cold for keeping their skin warm, so try not to eat cold drinks even when the weather is hot again.

Excessive consumption will lead to poor excretion of sweat glands, difficulty in heat dissipation of the body will affect normal appetite, and serious problems such as diarrhea will occur.

If you can eat cold drinks, then the race will become dim and frosty.

  Wear less jewelry-reduce the chance of contact dermatitis in chromium, nickel is the most common allergen of contact dermatitis, and women are about 10 times more sensitive to chromium and nickel than men.

Common jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, as well as bracelets, watches, eyeglass frames, clothes clasps, etc., contain chromium and nickel, and the skin they directly contact can cause inflammation.

In addition, wearing rings and earrings is not easy to clean, and it will also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore, in the hot, humid and sweaty season, women with a history of dermatitis should wear less jewelry.

  Use less cold water to bathe-protect the skin “barrier” In sauna days, there is nothing cooler than taking a cold bath.

However, please note: bathing with cold water in hot weather is actually wrong.

The correct method is: bathing with warm water is more healthy when there is more sweat, and it is not appropriate to wash more, and it is not suitable to rub a bath. In the summer, the skin sweats a lot. If the bath is bathed frequently, the skin cover will be weakened, which can easily lead to invasion of bacteria.