Baby thrush or because the bottle is dirty

18 months old and strong, a lively and cute baby.

Yesterday, Grandma accidentally noticed that there were many white spots on his strong lips when playing with him.

Pry open your mouth to see, there are a lot of mouths, and then think that the baby has not been “brave” in the past two days, and brought Zhuangzhuang to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor diagnosed thrush after seeing the child’s oral symptoms.

Thrush is an oral mucosal inflammation caused by Candida albicans, also known as oral candidiasis. It is a common stomatitis in infants and young children, especially in newborns.

Candida albicans is often found on healthy people’s skin and is inherently vaginal parasitic.

Mostly due to inadequate disinfection of the breasts, unclean mother’s nipples or contaminated fingers of the breastfeeder’s fingers.

After hearing the doctor’s cause analysis, Zhuangzhuang grandma regretted it.

It turned out that the baby is still drinking milk from the bottle, but the baby has grown up day by day. Parents have also relaxed their vigilance. The disinfection of the bottle after consumption has become more and more careless. It was replaced by boiling and disinfection. Now it is rinsed with tap water.
This may cause the breeding place for bacteria because the bottle is not cleaned properly.

Remind all parents raising their babies that contact with food, clothing and toys infected with Candida can cause thrush.

In addition, infants and young children are at 6?
Teeth began to grow at 7 months. At this time, the gums may have mild swelling and pain. Infants and young children love to bite their fingers and toys, which can easily bring bacteria and mold into the cavity and cause infection.

If you take antibacterial drugs for a long time or improper application of hormone therapy, it will cause imbalance of flora in the body, mold invasion and multiplication, and it can also cause thrush.