Punta triple beam method

The Ponda triple-closing method is to collect the amount, and practice the abdomen and perineum at the same time. The method is very simple. You can use yoga to breathe.

Panda’s exercises need to be relaxed, don’t rush into action, and often you can start calmly after adjusting your breath.

  Start, meditate, tap your hands on your knees.

  Close your eyes, relax, take a yoga breath, and rest when you exhale thoroughly.

  Close your breath while closing, increase your abdomen, and shrink your perineum.

Try to keep it until you can’t rest, slowly raise your head, relax the abdomen, and relax the perineum.

  Resume breathing This is a complete round.

  After each round is completed, you will experience a warm heat flow from the root of your spine, up the spine, and directly to the top of your head, you will feel the whole body is very warm, and the spine is your hottestPlace, it becomes extremely clear and easy to visualize; after one or two rounds, your forehead may sweat some, which is normal. When you finish the exercise, do n’t open your eyes immediately, you can continue to observe yourself.Spine until you are comfortable, or the chanting om speech ends.

  There are many laws to practice the Panda triple-bundle law, but there are some points I need to quote to you: Panda must be performed on an empty stomach. It is a good time before meals. It is recommended that you wait four hours after meals to practice.
  Panda’s practice is best done at three times: sunrise, day, sunset, both early morning, noon and dusk.

Strangely, Ponda has a subtle and important relationship with the sun.

  Beginners should not practice more than 4 rounds at a time. As time increases, you can gradually increase the number of rounds. Don’t be anxious.

Because Panda’s massage of inertia is more violent, and the number of starts is too much, your intervention will not be enough; do not practice after drinking or when you are unwell.

  This is the Panda I introduced to you.

Take a closer look, practice discreetly and calmly, it will bring you many unexpected shortcomings.