What are the dark circles first aid method

Being able to have a good image makes us more confident, especially many women will always pursue the perfection of their image, and many of them will form dark circles because they often stay up all night, so they do n’t look at all mental and will be serious.It affects the image, but if you want to remove the dark circles better, you must master a good method to have the effect. Let ‘s take a look at the dark circles first aid method.

  What are the dark circles first aid method? When dark circles appear, do n’t worry about it. Here are some ways to eliminate dark circles. Maybe try it.


Hot egg massage: After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and wrap them with a towel. Close your eyes and use the eggs to massage around the eyes to speed up blood circulation.

Be careful though, I’m afraid you can’t eat any more eggs.


Apply potato chips to the eyes: Peel and wash potatoes (long sprouts that cannot be used), cut into thick slices of about two centimeters, and apply them to the eyes for 5 minutes, then wash them with water.

Of course, the potato chips that have been applied cannot be eaten again.


Apply apple slices to the eyes: Wash and slice the apples, apply them to the eyes for 15 minutes, and then wash them with water.

The more apple juice you have, the better.

The used apple slices cannot be eaten again.


Laser beauty: Laser eye removal is a non-invasive beauty, it does not require anesthesia, it is safe, and it also has a certain wrinkle removal effect on the skin of the eye, so that your eyes can regain their former glory.

However, in order to achieve better results step by step, it is recommended that you choose a distance hospital for treatment.

  Eye emergency plan: 1.

For office girls sitting in series in front of a computer screen, a drop of eye drops is a good way to relieve eye fatigue.

But be careful, the mouth of the bottle must not touch the eyelids and eyelashes, otherwise the medicine will be contaminated.


The irregular schedules of getting up late and getting up early often make the eyes swollen. You can put two small stainless steel spoons into the freezer of the refrigerator before going to bed. Take them out the next morning and put them on the swollen eyes. 2With a cold compress for minutes, the eyes can quickly swell and make the eyes look clearer.


Commuters who travel frequently pay attention to the fact that the dry environment on the plane is inferior to the air conditioning in the office, and the equipment for hydrating is irreplaceable.

While replenishing the skin of the eyes while flying, it will not only pass the boring time, but also give others a good radiant impression when getting off the plane. Why not?


Insomnia, tiredness, and poor health all affect blood circulation. Hemoglobin cannot be delivered to blood vessels, and melanin deposits, forming dark circles.

To relieve dark circles, you can press your ring finger around the eye to speed up blood circulation.

  The above is what is the introduction of the black eye first aid method. After understanding, we know that there are many ways to relieve the black smoke group. We can improve it according to the above methods. In addition, we must ensure good habits in daily life. Every dayGet enough sleep.