Why is the effect of anemia iron supplementation?

Doctor’s mailbox: My daughter is only 5 years old. Although she is not partial to eclipse, she is pale and sometimes dizzy.

I saw a doctor a year ago, saying that she was anemia, gave her some iron, and said that she should strengthen nutrition and eat more iron.

It’s been a year, the child has not improved significantly, and even more powerless than before. Seeing the doctor said that she does not use iron, it is lack of vitamins.

Who should I listen to?

Why is iron supplementation useless for my family?

  In many people’s minds, anemia is mostly due to iron deficiency, but it is not exactly the case.

In view of the situation of your daughter, I suggest that you first understand the following three questions: First, is the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia in her established?

  From the clinical point of view, there are many reasons for anemia in children, such as iron deficiency anemia, thalassemia, hemolysis, etc., first of all to determine the cause, this can be confirmed by blood tests for iron metabolism.

  Second, what is the reason for understanding iron deficiency anemia?

  If it is confirmed that the child is indeed iron-deficient anemia, it is necessary to further understand what caused her to be deficient in iron before treatment. This is because the exogenous gain is too little, malabsorption, or is it too much?

If the exogenous gain is too little, you can use iron to increase the iron supplement; if the iron is too much, you need to find out the cause of excessive loss, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, parasites, intravascular hemolysis, etc.The cause is treated.

  Third, is the iron supplement treatment accepted by the child standardized?

  If iron therapy is really needed, oral iron is generally preferred, such as ferrous sulfate, polysaccharide iron complex, etc., supplemented 150 times a day?
200mg elemental iron, can take vitamin C or succinic acid at the same time to promote iron absorption, avoid taking it with tea, because it can inhibit iron absorption.

Generally, iron should be taken continuously for about two months, and hemoglobin can be restored to normal. After that, it needs to continue treatment for 3 months to make up for the storage of iron.

  The above is the analysis of why the experts have no effect on the iron supplementation of anemia. How do you know now?

If you think about it, you can make up a little, make up and stop, and the treatment is not enough, which will affect the curative effect and even relapse.