Don’t prevent your child from drinking sugar after diarrhea

[Guide]After a child has a cold, he often has diarrhea.

During diarrhea, not only does the body lose a lot of water and nutrients, it will also lose a lot of electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

If the loss exceeds a certain limit, electrolyte disturbance will occur, and acid-base poisoning may occur.

  May wish to drink some sugar and salt.

The sucrose, starch and other substances ingested by the human body must be converted into glucose before they can be absorbed and used by human tissues.

Therefore, supplementing glucose makes absorption and utilization more direct and faster.

People with a history of acute hepatitis or diarrhea, prepare some glucose powder and saline at home, and when symptoms occur, sugar saline can be taken orally.

Specific formula: 500 ml of boiled water (1 bottle in a wine bottle) + 10 grams of sugar (2 tsp) + fine salt 1.

75 grams (half the beer bottle cap), taken orally at any time.

  Children must not fast when they have diarrhea. They can eat a small number of meals, including liquid and semi-liquid rice soup and porridge. Once the child has less urine after diarrhea, less tears when crying, dry lips and other dehydration symptoms, parents must bring their childrenmedical.