Whitening Beauty-Golden Needle Chicken Soup

[Raw materials]150 grams of chicken, 60 grams of lily, 60 mushrooms, 3 mushrooms, 30 grams of fungus, 1 green onion, salt, and MSG.

  [Production method]Echinacea, agaric, and mushrooms are soaked in clean water and washed carefully; the mushrooms are cut into shreds; the chicken is washed and shredded, and mixed with salt;

Lily, winter mushroom shreds, and fungus are placed in a boiling water pot, boiled for a few minutes with simmering heat, and then chicken shreds are cooked until cooked, seasoned with spring onions, salt, and MSG.

  [Usage]Served with meals, 1-3 times a day, each time 150ml-200ml.

  [Efficacy]Replenishes blood and blood, bodybuilding and beauty.

Suitable for unsightly complexion, premature aging and dry skin.

It is also effective for post-ill health, anemia or neurasthenia, and hypertension.

  [Should be avoided]Those who have a cold and fever should not eat it.