Eight yoga moves to make your body more comfortable

Posture one.

The bull head posture expands the chest under this action, and deep breathing makes people happy.

This action can eliminate depression and emit quantum.

  Action two.

The tilted U-shape relaxes the neck and makes the back straighter.

Enlarge the chest and increase the flexibility of the spine.

At the same time, the blood flows to the neck and chest, which increases thyroid function and body contouring.

  Action three.

Bent root tree is called Queen’s pose.

The peace of mind is good for human health.

This action reverses the blood flow and moves the whole body.

  Posture four.

Although the pigeon king posture is difficult to do, it can provide fresh blood to the endocrine system and prevent hardening of the shoulders and neck.

  Action five.


A posture that stimulates the spine and promotes blood circulation.

Opening the sternum and sacrum makes the shoulders softer, while stimulating the stomach and thigh muscles to make them softer.

  Action six.

Reverse U-shaped posture can strengthen arms, wrists, abdomen, hips and spine.

It is more effective to eliminate depression and relieve headache and pain.

At the same time, it has a good effect on the cure of hypertension and osteoporosis.

  Action seven.

With your legs crossed, sit flat and cross your legs as far back as possible.

Straighten your waist at the same time and close your palms.

This action rejuvenates the body through the spine.

  Action eight.

Stand straight with your feet facing upwards, raise one leg, grab the foot, slowly raise it, and point your feet upward.

This action stretches the spine and balances the body.